Finally, A Proven Step-By-Step Whole Food Based Weight Loss And Lifestyle Change Program WITH A Business Model That You Can
Private Label To Instantly Use In Your New Or Existing Health And Wellness Business.

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It IS possible to end unpaid ‘homework’ time, banish overwhelm and stop overworking when you have the right knowledge, exact steps, done-for-you tools and turn-key profit producing weight loss and nutrition program.

What’s Included In The WOW! Online Professional Certification?

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Testimonials from Professionals

I took the WOW! Certification program because I had spent some time private coaching as a student with Lori. I was very impressed with how professional, passionate and knowledgeable she is. Lori was resourceful and really understood the needs of clients. Not only was the certification program valuable but learning the marketing specific to our profession and services is critical to our success. The templates from the program and running through scenarios was a great way to get started. I really enjoy reading Lori’s heart felt stories, blogs, humor and participating in the WOW! community forum. I am currently running a private practice that I am thoroughly enjoying.
Marsha F.
I took the WOW! Certification Course as I had graduated 2 years earlier, started my own business but hadn’t achieved my goals. I had the nutrition knowledge but had no idea how to run a business. From Lori I learned that I had to think like a business owner 1st and nutritionist 2nd. I also gained invaluable information on marketing and how to get new leads and turn them into clients. Lori provides such a wealth of knowledge that I wanted to continue learning from her and the support from the other WOW! community members is amazing. I am in the process of holding my first 2 weight loss programs and have gained 8 new clients as a result. It feels amazing seeing the results that my clients are experiencing and the knowledge they are gaining through our weekly education sessions.
Melanie G.
I took the WOW Certification because I wanted to offer my clients a quality whole food nutrition and weight loss program.  I could have created this on my own but why re-invent the wheel when its already been done so perfectly. I now have access to a business model that promotes a healthy lifestyle and I don’t have to write or print my own manuals or handouts. The support I have from Lori and the WOW! Team is fantastic. There is always a video posted from Lori that I can reference at any time. I have offered WOW! in a community center and a pharmacy counseling room and now have my own office in a thriving wellness center.  Doctors have contacted me wanting information about the program after their patients have shown them the nutrition materials.  I have 3 pharmacies that promote me to their clients to help them to reduce the amount of meds they are taking for metabolic syndrome related diseases.
Nikki S.
The WOW! system has helped me increase my business by 87% since implementation. I was getting by with 1–2 new clients per month, but now I have at least 6-8 per group. I had been searching for quite some time for a weight loss program to implement with my current clients and also draw in new clientele.  I didn’t want to use the cookie-cutter approach – it doesn’t fit in with my holistic philosophy. I was struggling with the time involved in devising individual plans for each person, as it’s quite cumbersome and labor intensive, making the end cost for the client less than appealing and hard to sell.  Then, like a bolt of lightning, I was sent an email inviting me to learn more about the WOW! Professional Certification.  I was very impressed!  Everything I was looking for was already there, completely done for you, and now it was being offered to me over a weekend course where I could sit in the comfort of my own living room and attend.  Too good to be true, I thought! I was even more impressed by listening to Lori teach the class and couldn’t wait to get started with my own clients.  Immediately, I was telling my clients how this was the last program they would ever need to take and they were lining up to get into the first classes I ran. Already, those first participants are sharing their success stories with new and prospective clients.  Living in a rural area, I was worried the cost might be hard for some to swallow.  That is definitely NOT the case; each and every client thus far has felt this has been the best investment they have made in themselves and their whole family. Now that is a great way to get a new client referral!
Deanna T.
As with the majority of people, I have been affected by cancer.  Many people close to me have been diagnosed with cancer, and some have not won the battle.  A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure that my children would not be one of those statistics.  I went to school and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  A few months ago, I set out to open my own nutritional consulting business.  I was trying to figure out my niche, what exactly was I going to offer people? I read many studies showing that overweight people have a much greater risk of not only developing cancer, but also dying from it!  I needed to help people lose weight. I came across the WOW! certification. I was thrilled that there was a program designed by holistic nutritionists for holistic nutritionists.  This isn’t just a weight-loss program, it is a lifestyle program.  We are helping people change their lives, one pound at a time. Lori was such a motivating speaker that as soon as I had done the training weekend, I used the script that was provided and started to tell people all about it.  Within a single day, I had four people waiting to pay me so they could get started. Thank you, Lori for developing such an amazing program, for providing me with a business model that is successful, for always being there to answer any questions I have and for supporting and motivating me
Cheryl W.
When I took the WOW! certification the concepts expanded on things I sort of already knew. I found that the program provided detailed sales and marketing tools needed to start a successful business. I valued the business training and learned a lot about different temperaments of clients and helped me hone in on the types of clients I would like to work with. It also provided guidance on how to prepare sales consults along with materials needed for wellness sessions. I had just graduated from school when I invested in WOW! I feel that everything I learned from WOW! was absolutely necessary for a new graduate to start a successful nutrition practice… Since starting my practice I have networked with 3 different wellness professionals (homeopath, naturopath and medical Doctor) who all refer me clients. I would never have had the courage or the know-how to do this without the support of WOW! The marketing pieces and letters to these practitioners were invaluable in helping me achieve their support.
Taline S.
My name is Sadia Fazil, RHN and life coach, and I took part in the WOW! training in 2011. As a holistic nutritionist I was overjoyed to finally see a program that addresses the many layers of obstacles that clients face when trying to lose weight and provides a complete mind-body-spirit support system to guide them back to balance and health. As a coach I recognized in the program the importance of building trust, accountability, goals and timelines. As a business owner I was impressed at the ease of implementation and the profitability of the business model. Lori has put into practice a unique “lifestyle” program that anyone and everyone can benefit from. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious, her knowledge and experience, educational approach is one to be emulated.
Sadia F.
I began using the WOW! program with clients as I was spending (unpaid) hours each evening putting together tailored weight loss meal plans for clients and decided to search for a science-based, user friendly, modifiable program that I could use to help clients achieve their goals. I was immediately impressed with the amount of resources available through WOW!, both for client education and for supporting my private practice. I began using WOW! exclusively with weight loss clients based on client feedback and results – which were very impressive. Because of WOW!, I’ve had amazing weight loss results with clients and these results are maintained because of the vast array of educational modules and handouts for clients. Further to this, WOW!’s professional tools, such as example contracts and weekly webinars, has allowed my business to grow exponentially.
Lisa C.
WOW! has been a great way to help me my nutrition business started. As soon as I finished the course I had two groups with 4 and 7 people in each AND signed up 3 one on one clients. It’s great to have income coming into my business within weeks of finishing the course. I’m really excited to share this program with my clients. From my certification training with WOW! I have become more comfortable and more confident in dealing with clients and so far it’s been an easy sell. My clients have lost weight, body fat and gained life-changing knowledge.
Kim D.

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Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers…

  • q-iconWhen are the weekly online modules being held?

    The next WOW! Online Professional Certification is from Monday December 2nd 2013 – Monday January 20th 2014. Weekly modules 1 – 8 will be released on Monday’s. Every Monday morning you will receive an email letting you know that the new module is available in our exclusive private WOW! portal.

    Live Q and A calls will be on Wednesday’s from 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT. Calls will be recorded and available on the portal within 24 hours.

  • q-iconWhat is the different between the previous WOW! Certification and V 2.0?

    We’ve updated the nutrition and weight loss education. The educational component on metabolism, medical conditions and hormones is so in-depth in V 2.0 that you will likely hear new research and new protocols that you can implement into your practice.

    In V 2.0 I’ve added in the actual WOW! Weight Loss 12-week program available for you to private label and brand as your own. There are also personalized plan templates for you to use too.

  • q-iconI’v not done school, have a full time job and kids… will I have time to do this?

    Even though I don’t look old enough you should know that I have two kids. I created the WOW! Professional Certification just 3 months after having my second kid.

    The reason that I’ve re-structured this course (it used to be 4 – 9 hour days in a row) is to ensure ease of learning and implementation. You can learn at your own pace and go back to any module or Q and A recorded call whenever you’d like.

    Personally I listen to webinars on my phone while driving, cooking and cleaning… do whatever floats your boat. Allocate about 3 to 4 hours per week if you plan to complete the certification by January 20th

  • q-iconWhat am I certified as and is it recognized?

    After you complete all 8 modules you will be given case studies to complete and submit to us. We evaluate your case studies and then grant you the designation of WOW! Weight Loss Specialist.

    Since nutrition isn’t a regulated profession there are no regulations around the designation of WOW! Weight Loss Specialist.

    Upon completion of your case studies you will receive a certification certificate qualifying you as a WOW! Weight Loss Specialist.

  • q-iconWhat if I register and then want a refund? What’s the policy?

    Whenever someone asks me that my first response is to say that I’m a normal person and understand that situations come up that are beyond our control. I’ve put into place a fair but pretty lenient refund policy.

    All of the details are on the registration page HERE but the summary is this… I know that the information I’m teaching, the materials I’m handing to you and the system to go along with it works.

    I know this because right now I’m using these exact tools, systems and program in my own WOW! clinic and in 23 other licensed locations across North America.

    However, if for some reason you feel that this isn’t going to work for you then all you have to do is send me your completed worksheets detailing your efforts within 30 days of starting the certification and I will refund you… no questions asked.

  • q-iconCan I use the WOW! Weight Loss brand?

    I’ve set the certification course up so you get the HUGE benefit of branding and private labeling every piece of content as your own. The use of the WOW! Weight Loss trade name is reserved only for WOW! Licensed Practitioners.

    One of the reasons I’m opening up my business to YOU is because I want you to have access to my materials but without having to commit yourself as a Licensed Practitioner.

    The WOW! Professional Certification is a pre-requisite to become a WOW! Licensed Practitioner. We will be discussing the transition into becoming a WOW! Practitioner throughout the certification.

  • q-iconWhat is Inner Circle small group coaching?

    Each small group will consist of 6 to 8 people and you will have direct access to me. I’ve structured the small group coaching the same way I structure my group weight loss programs. Working in large groups isn’t personal enough for me. I like to ensure each one of you gets my full attention.

    Groups will be assigned based on level of knowledge and expertise this way everyone feels like they are contributing and challenged to take action.

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