ATTENTION: Alternative Wellness Practitioners who want more clients without the struggle…

The Almost Unbelievable Story Of How I “Closed” My Practice And Ended Up Attracting More Clients Than Ever!

And How I Turned The One Secret I Discovered Into A Simple Repeatable “Client Getting System”Any Wellness Practitioner Can Use


Lori KennedyDear Wellness Practitioner,

Hi, my name is Lori Kennedy. I’m Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Vice President of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, a wife and mom of 2 amazingly cute and very smart kids.

I have to warn you, the story I’m about to tell you might sound hard to believe. Even worse, the first part of it is going to reveal something about me I’d just as soon not have everyone in the world know.

But I’m going to tell this story anyway… for your sake and for the sake of your clients and clients to be.

My promise to you is that by the end of my message to you today, you will walk away with a secret that you can put to use in your work with clients, no matter what type of wellness professional you are.

In fact, I’m going to reveal the simple shift I made to finally start attracting clients. But more than that, I’m going to explain how I do it so I can help 12 clients at a time without working harder than it takes to support one or two clients.

That might sound odd, but I’ll explain it as we go.

The thing is, when I first opened my practice in the alternative wellness field as a nutritionist, I was super excited.

I knew my stuff and I was ready to get out there and start helping people transform their lives. I had all of the facts, figures, concepts, and recommendations down. I had everything ready to go to really do a great job helping my new clients.

There was just one problem…

I Didn’t Have Any Clients!
And I Didn’t Have A Clue About How to Get Them!

The year was 2006, and I had just finished my studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I followed the business guidelines and went out and rented a space within my chiropractor’s office. I had known her since I was 12, so I figured it was a safe place to start.

I borrowed money from my dad to build a website, create a logo and business cards, brochures and posters to market my free seminars…

But no one came. I don’t mean that 1 or 2 people came, I mean ZERO people came. The seminars were a big failure.

I even asked my friends and family members to help me spread the word. “Hey, I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and I can really help people. I have an office and beautiful looking brochures. I’m offering free consults to anyone who is interested.”

Still, no one came. No one came to my office. I had no clients.

I was paying out rent for an office I wasn’t using because I had no idea how to get clients. I owed my dad money for the business materials I had created but had no way to pay him back. I didn’t feel confident going and introducing myself to the surrounding businesses plus I didn’t even know what to say.

My chiropractor, who had known me since I was little, said she would refer her patients to me. At that stage of my career, however, I didn’t realize that simply mentioning someone’s name in passing does not magically force that person to become a client.

I was sad, frustrated and had no idea how I was going to generate business.

To Be Blunt (As I’m Known For Being),
I Was A Spectacular Failure

It didn’t help that I would get together with my classmate once per month and talk about how hard it was to get clients… about how we didn’t feel comfortable charging hundreds of dollars for our services… and about how the work was so time intensive we really didn’t have a chance of ever earning any real money.

Not exactly an inspiring situation. And it’s depressing thinking back on those days before I discovered the thing that changed my future forever.

Little did I know at the time that my experience really wasn’t that uncommon for alternative wellness practitioners.

In fact, had I known just how much most alternative wellness practitioners struggle to attract a steady stream of clients, I wouldn’t have felt so alone.

But I didn’t know. And alone, frustrated, annoyed and hopeless are only a few of the emotions I was dealing with.

I had the desire and training to really help people… a lot of people. But I found out how worthless all of that is unless you actually have people who want your help!

So how did I turn it all around? What was my “game changing moment” that brought me to where I am today?

It All Started to Change
the Day I Decided to “Close” My Practice

No, I didn’t go out of business.

Instead, I closed the practice I ran as a “nutritionist” and opened back up with the mindset of a business owner.

This is what I finally figured out: It doesn’t matter what letters you have after your name, where you went to school, the methods and philosophies you use to help improve the quality of health, how many extra courses you’ve taken, where your office is, the state of the economy or whatever else we think is the reason for our lack of success.

None of that matters.

What does matter?

Just think of a successful person in your industry. The reason they are successful is because they have the mindset that they are business people first and alternative wellness practitioners second. They behave and function as entrepreneurs in our fast paced and highly competitive wellness world where there is an over abundance of free information available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

THIS IS THE SECRET. Ignore it at your own risk.

Successful practitioners are confident that they can help improve the quality of other people’s health and wellbeing while being handsomely paid for it. They operate from a place of knowing that they are running a business and that, in order to help as many people as possible, that business needs to make sales and generate profit. Making money does not make them feel bad, uncomfortable or affect their level of spirituality.

This is the goal folks. THIS is what will get you where you want to go.

But before I tell you how I put this secret to work and finally got on the path to success, I have a question for you:

What Can Happen To Your Business And
Life By Using This Secret Yourself?

Just imagine for a moment what your life would be like if…

  • You got to choose your client schedule, perhaps only seeing clients 3 days per week at specific times that suited you instead of always accommodating their schedules?
  • Your marketing efforts drew in 30 – 50 qualified leads which turned into 10-15 new clients per month?
  • You scheduled 1 to 2 days per week to work ON your business instead of always having to work IN your business. Instead of getting tired out, you’d be fired up!
  • You discovered the proven ways to achieve your weekly tasks without getting distracted. You’d get way more done in far less time.
  • You finally got to take a PAID vacation because you worked hard to get your business to a place where it was generating revenue without you having to be there all of the time?

The question is, who in the alternative wellness field wouldn’t want a life like that?

This Is How My Discovery
Changed My Life

My journey to success started back in 2007 when I was offered the chance to be a Nutritionist at the Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada. I remember the first time I had to give a nutrition seminar to over 40 women who were probably all 10 – 20 years older than me.

How did the seminar go? I absolutely bombed… but I didn’t quit.

The Nutritionist position turned into a management position where I was overseeing all 3 clubs. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off, but taking on the managerial role was the best thing I ever did.

I was thrown into the world of sales, marketing, quotas, deadlines, budgets, niche marketing, program design, employee management and customer service.

In other words, I had to figure out how to run a real business!

The downside was that I was drowning in non-paid work with clients having to create all of the personalized plans for each client. I was learning program design from the trainers and knew there must be a better, more efficient way to manage my 40-person client load.

Something had to change or I was going to drown in all of the work. I had finally discovered that the only thing worse than having no clients is having too many with no smart way to help them!

And that’s when I put this “secret” to use. I stopped thinking like an overworked nutritionist and starting thinking like a business owner.

So I spent a year creating a turn-key but personalized weight loss program where clients would get the personalized recommendations they needed to improve their health without me having to spend 1-3 hours each week creating a plan for them.

And that’s how the WOW! Weight Loss program was born.

As the popularity of the WOW! Weight Loss program grew, I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to handle the growth. I had just gotten married and was never home for dinner. I was working all the time seeing clients. Yes, my time was freed up from creating plans but I was still seeing clients on a one to one basis.

At the same time, word was getting out about the success of WOW! I started getting asked by other nutritionists, personal trainers and wellness practitioners if they could buy my materials in order to ease their non-paid homework burden and to be able to offer a whole foods weight loss program to their clients.

For The Overworked, Underpaid
Alternative Wellness Professional, WOW!
Became A “Client Attracting” Path to Freedom!

And so, in 2011, 6 weeks after my son was born, the WOW! Weight Loss Certification and Professional Licensee Opportunity was created. I’ve had over 108 practitioners run through the WOW! Certification and have WOW! practitioners scattered all across Canada.

What does the WOW! Weight Loss Certification have to do with you and the future success of your alternative wellness practice?

Let me start off by saying that WOW! isn’t your typical boring certification course.

Most certifications simply load you up with a bunch of science and wellness information and then leave it up to you to figure out how to actually get the clients that information is supposed to help with.

In the end, it’s not hard to end up being a really smart, really certified wellness professional with absolutely zero clients.

As you now know, I’ve been there.

The WOW! Weight Loss Certification shows you everything you need to know to implement a whole foods based weight loss system into your practice.

The funny thing is, everyone knows that losing weight is a smart way to achieve optimal health. But for some reason, no one teaches wellness practitioners about it!

Better than that, built into the certification program is the step-by-step blueprint for how to attract clients into your practice using what you learn.

The Certification is effective because it uses a universal gateway to health (achieving optimal weight) as a way to get clients!

With the WOW! Weight Loss Certification, you get trained in weight loss and nutrition… AND business.

Think of it as a crash course in all of the “how to grow your business and how to attract clients” education we should have gotten in our schooling but didn’t.

How To Use This
To Work Less And Make More

You might wonder what qualifies me to help other practitioners in the art of business building when I obviously had no clue how to do it when I got started.

Well since my early days, I’ve been working very hard. Hard on myself, my skills, my mindset and my understanding of how business really works.

And I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars in education, coaching and mentoring to help bring my “business” skills up to the level that school brought my nutrition skills.

And now I’m prepared to help you attract a steady stream of clients into your practice with my whole foods based weight loss system.

But don’t think you’ll be slaving away creating countless individualized weight loss programs for clients.

Because the WOW! Weight Loss Certification was created while I was wearing my “business owner” hat not my “nutritionist” hat.

That means it helps you serve more clients and make more money by working less. It really is amazing.

In the past, the certification has only been available to a very select group of individuals willing to make a long-term commitment to the program.

Today that changes. For the first time, I’m opening the doors to a limited number of wellness professionals who are ready to start attracting clients the smart way.


The World’s First (And ONLY) Certification Course
That Shows You How to Get More Clients
And Boost Your Profits Quickly With
A Turnkey Whole Foods Based Weight Loss System!

The best part is, you can be successful with this even if you have no prior weight loss knowledge or business expertise!

That’s because all of what you need to know and do is built into the certification!

The WOW! Certification is a 4-day webinar based course so that there are no geographical or extra travel expenses required to participate. The 4 days are broken down into modules that are packed full with everything you need to know to create a solid weight loss centered business.

Let’s start with the WOW! Certification Curriculum and then you can read about all of the goodies you will get when you enroll.

The WOW! Certification Curriculum:
A Closer Look

Module 1 – Foundations (Vision, Goals, Niche and Timeline) We will start off with a very powerful vision building exercise. A clearly defined vision is critical your success and I won’t let you pass go or collect another dollar until you do it. Once you have your vision you can then start to formulate your goals and the actions that you need to take in order to get you there.After your vision and goals are locked down, we will set out to define your WHO— in other words, your niche market. In order for you to create marketing programs that actually WORK, you need to know exactly who are you talking to and the language, colours, pictures, etc. you should be using.Lastly, we will be going over your “game changing” timeline making sure your goals are realistic with who you are, where you are and your current life circumstances. There is no setting yourself up to fail in this program!
Module 2 – Technical (Website, Email List, Blogging and Social Media)The reason we did the niche thing first is because when you are setting up all of your online and even offline technical components you need to have a plan of attack and a method of evaluation to make sure you are hitting your goals. I know Facebook is fun but it’s a time sucker if you aren’t using it well.We start with the website do’s, don’ts and how to’s. I have a list of quality (but cheap) people to help you out if you are technically challenged so not to worry. If you don’t already know, I am stickler for building your email list. So we will spend a good amount of time talking about building your tribe, list building, opt in promotion and all of the stuff that creates real business results.Lastly we will devise a social media plan that is inline with your list building plan and marketing plans to make sure that your Tweets, FB Posts and Pins are working for you, helping to make you money instead of just tacking up cyberspace. (IF you don’t know what any of this means, not to worry, you soon will!)Module 3 – Administration (Systems, Tracking, Financials and Evaluations)This is not my area of expertise so I have my trusty side kick AKA The Husband come in to teach this part. He handles the WOW! admin (boring) stuff that is 100% needed and necessary if you want to create a solid business foundation and platform for growth.As a game changer, sometimes you gotta do the stuff you don’t like in order to take your business to the next level.Setting up systems within your business, even if you are a one woman or man show is critical. What happens when you hire your very first receptionist or you get your VA (virtual assistant) to start helping you out? They need to know your systems. Bryan will take you through how to create systems for your business so it can operate without you.You also need to track everything. It’s the only way to know what’s working and what is wasting your time, energy and money. You will learn to track leads, conversions, sales, opt ins, website traffic and all that not so fun stuff.

When you do this right, you can quickly figure out what’s working in your business and what isn’t.

Lastly you need to track your money… that’s fun! You need to know about your cash flow, expenses, revenue, profit, taxes, etc.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. We have charts, tracking sheets and forms all set up and ready for you to plug your own data into. If I can get used to filling in data on a regular basis so can you. Even though this isn’t the creative, fun passion part, it will save your adrenals when it comes time to go on vacation or take a sick day.


Module 4 – Direct Marketing and Promotion

Want to know why your so-called marketing posters never generated any clients for your free seminar? That’s the purpose of Module 4. Marketing works for everyone if you know how to do it the smart way.

We will go through step by step how to set up marketing campaigns for both online and offline businesses. You will learn the importance of a good headline, the keys to writing quality sales copy authentically in your own voice, how to promote your campaign and use social proof as leverage. Then I will teach you how to set benchmarks for evaluation so you can assess how it all went down and tweak it to make it better next time.

We will talk about the best mediums for marketing and how to get creative when you are limited due to professional regulations and ethics. It’s great to do this in a group because we all feed off each other’s creative energy and get some really out of the box solutions that prove to be game changers.


Module 5 – Service Offerings, Packages and Pricing

Here is where we get into the really fun part. Planning out what your business services are, how long each program or package will be and how much to charge for it. If you have trouble charging a lot for what you do, this module will help.

Your services, packages and pricing will all be niche specific and correspond to your marketing campaigns. You will be using the WOW! planning calendar to plan ahead and schedule your programs for the next 90 days and 6 months. This module ties the previous modules together.

“Game changers” plan ahead. It’s one of the secrets to our success. For example, I chose the date to run the WOW! Certification and then worked backwards mapping out the marketing campaign I’m using to promote it. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Module 6 – Weight Loss According to WOW!

This is where we will spend a HUGE chunk of our time because I know that whole foods weight loss is not taught in any high level educational institution. And it’s one of the main reasons you are taking this Certification.

We will go through the entire WOW! Weight Loss client intake process, the specific forms we use, the sales script, body composition assessment methods, client agreements, payments, follow up and more!

I will help you create a standard method of assessment and personalized program creation based on the client’s age, weight, height, body composition, goals, current level of health, nutrition understanding and limiting factors, obstacles, challenges and reported health symptoms or complaints.

We will review each weekly nutrition and lifestyle change lesson along with the corresponding handouts and client homework suggestions. I will describe in detail what type of support and coaching to provide and when you should simply give your client space.

You will learn how to analyze calories, grams and how to create client compliant meal plans. Your clients don’t necessarily have to count calories or grams but YOU, the expert, need to understand how the process works.

I will give you the WOW! strategic foods list so that you can plug these foods into your clients plan whenever you need to in order to help them achieve their health goals. After all, WOW! is a whole foods based weight loss system and the main philosophy is that clients learn and understand which foods nourish them and promote lasting fat loss.


Module 7 – Implementation

This is where we will put everything together so that on the Monday after the course is over you will not feel overwhelmed but know exactly what your next move will be.

This is where we review everything you’ve learned over the last 4 days and tackle the challenges you have that may stop you from taking action.

Success is all about action.

During the implementation module, we will also be doing some role playing and engage in some practice sessions so you leave feeling confident, comfortable and ready to take on the world.

So that’s what you will learn. Now here is what you will get with your WOW! Certification enrollment.

  • WOW! Certification Digital Manual (Hard copy manual at an additional charge)
  • WOW! Certification Worksheets (vision creation, goal setting, calendar and timeline planning, niche market creation, financial planning and budgeting, admin processes, systems, client tracking, sales, conversion and more)
  • WOW! Weight Loss Client Forms & Sales Script (5-day food journal, interest profile, body composition analysis, health intake questionnaire, client agreement, nutrition assessment and sales script)
  • WOW! Tech Help List – my personal list of all of the people who I hire or my high level business friends hire to get stuff done for cheap
  • Never ending access to the WOW!  Facebook community – this is a closed group where professionals can share, support, motivate and talk about clients in a private non-competitive environment
  • A certificate of completion

one-time paymentEZ payment plan


With the EZ Payment Plan, pay $247 now,
then make 2 monthly payments of $200 each.

3 Reasons Why The WOW! Weight Loss Certification
Might NOT Be A Smart Thing For You To Do

I have to admit, I get extremely excited when I start talking about the WOW! Weight Loss Certification.

Right now, however, I have to get extremely serious and blunt for a few moments. This might sound harsh, but we’re talking about the future of your life here and that’s something I take very seriously.

The WOW! Weight Loss Certification is definitely not for you if…

…you need to be coddled or have your hand held. My team and I will bend over backwards for you in order to help you be as successful as you desire, but we won’t do it for you.  No one can do it for you. That’s your job.

If you are someone who finds an excuse as to why they aren’t following through then this is not for you. You will not get away with any excuses. Please leave them at the door.

For your sake and future success, procrastination or leaving things unfinished will not be accepted.

Let me put your mind at ease for a moment, especially if you don’t feel ready for something like this.

The funny thing is, you will never BE ready. There will never BE the exact right time to start the business of your dreams. No one is ever ready. They just TAKE ACTION and COURSE CORRECT along the way until they succeed.

I LOVE action takers. I thrive off of people who, in their own way, become “game changers.”

If you are ready to take serious action in your business and open yourself up to pushing through to new levels of success, then register for the upcoming WOW! Certification while there is still time:

one-time paymentEZ payment plan


With the EZ Payment Plan, pay $247 now,
then make 2 monthly payments of $200 each.

I completed the WOW! training in December of 2011. I am SO happy that I made the decision to implement this program with my clients. I graduated from CSNN in 2008 and have been working as a fitness manager at Goodlife Fitness ever since.My mission to help as many people as possible only grew stronger after I finished the WOW! training. I felt a huge amount of relief because I would not longer have to put in the many, many hours of essentially free time creating program materials.

Before I became a WOW! practitioner I was starting to feel unfulfilled because of the increased responsibility and lack of financial return. Being about to offer the WOW! Weight Loss program has changed all of that.

In my first group I had 7 participants which earned me $189 per hour. Keep in mind I have to profit share with Goodlife which is what made this program really enticing to me because that was my take home, after giving my percentage to Goodlife.

As a self-professed information and education junkie, I truly enjoyed the content of the program. Lori’s “no excuses” and straightforward approach to teaching the course made digesting the material simple. Every question was answered practically before it arose.

Lori stated it numerous times during the course that she is available for support because she truly wants her licensees to be successful. They mean business. As do I.

Thank you Lori. Being a WOW! practitioner has brought back the passion and satisfaction I love feeling from helping improve the quality of life for others.

Krista McMillan
Fitness Manager
Elite Plus/Level 4 Trainer
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Biosignature Practitioner
GoodLife Fitness

My name is Sadia Fazil, RHN and life coach, and I took part in the WOW! Weight Loss training (November 12 & 13, 2011). As a holistic nutritionist I was overjoyed to finally see a program that addresses the many layers of obstacles that clients face when trying to lose weight and provides a complete mind-body-spirit support system to guide them back to balance and health. As a coach I recognized in the program the importance of building trust, accountability, goals and timelines. As a business owner I was impressed at the ease of implementation and the profitability of the business model. Lori has put into practice a unique “lifestyle” program that anyone and everyone can benefit from.

Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious, her knowledge and experience, educational approach is one to be emulated.

I believe that one must walk the “walk before they talk the talk’ and so I have decided to embark on WOW! Weight Loss journey myself. Thank you for making this decision so easy!

~ Sadia Fazil

When I took the WOW! Weight Loss training the concepts expanded on things I sort of already knew. I found that the program provided detailed sales and marketing tools needed to start a successful business. I valued the business training and learned a lot about different temperaments of clients and helped me hone in on the types of clients I would like to work with. It also provided guidance on how to prepare sales consults along with materials needed for wellness sessions.I had just graduated from school when I invested in WOW! I feel that everything I learned from WOW! was absolutely necessary for a new graduate to start a successful nutrition practice.

Since starting my practice I have networked with 3 different wellness professionals (homeopath, naturopath and medical Doctor) who all refer me clients. I would never have had the courage or the know-how to do this without the support of WOW! The marketing pieces and letters to these practitioners were invaluable in helping me achieve their support.

~Taline Sarafian

WOW! Weight Loss has been a great way to help me get my nutrition business started. As soon as I became licensed I started two WOW! groups with 4 and 7 people in each AND signed up 3 individual clients.It is great to have income coming into my business within weeks of starting up. I’m really excited to share WOW! with more clients.

From my training with WOW!, I have become more comfortable and more confident in dealing with clients and so far it has been an easy sell. My clients have lost weight, body fat and gained life-changing knowledge that will help them keep the weight off and live healthier lives.

WOW! Weight Loss is the perfect turnkey solution for any nutrition business.

~ Kim Dauphine

A few months ago, I set out to open my own nutritional consulting business. I was trying to figure out my niche, what exactly was I going to offer people? I read many studies showing that overweight people have a much greater risk of not only developing cancer, but dying from it! I needed to help people lose weight. And then I came across the WOW! Weight Loss program. I was thrilled that there was a program designed by Holistic Nutritionists. This isn’t just a weight loss program, it is a lifestyle program. I attended the certification course via webinar. I loved that option because I didn’t have to spend money on travel. I was blown away by the amount of detail and step by step instruction we received. I had no idea that I had no idea about how to run a profitable nutrition business.Lori is such a motivating speaker that as soon as I was done the training weekend, I couldn’t wait to tell people all about it. I ran my first group with 4 people. The clients have been coming in at steady pace every since. Thank you Lori for developing such an amazing program. My business hasn’t been the same since and I am excited about growing it in the future.

~ Cheryl Wahl

Before I started with WOW! Weight loss I had a slow growing practice. I had been in business for 4 years and barely could make ends meet. I made just enough money to stay in business, waiting for the day I would be able to support myself and my husband, but there were only small steps forward.
When I saw the info on WOW! Weight Loss, I knew in my heart that this was a good fit for my future clients and I. The name is absolutely right, the plan: WOW! is something that clients can oversee and feel they can achieve and what I saw on the brochures looked professional. So I signed up.Then I got to know Lori and what she has to offer. This lady is absolutely wonderful as she is going out of her way to help me succeed. There are extra conferences, there is phone support, emails are quickly answered to and they have ways and ideas to help us get the most out of the program and help our clients get to their goal. I have not only learned how to deliver the program to my clients, but also how to promote myself in many ways. Ways that work and ways that are cheap. I have also learned that giving out free health assessments get people through the door and into my office. Most of these people leave having signed up for the program.I am thrilled with this program because of these reasons and the fact that my business has grown tremendously in the past 3 months. I am busy and am really starting to sustain myself financially. There is a buzz going on in my town about WOW! and it also is giving me more credibility with all the other health issues I can help people deal with besides the weight loss. I have now a goal in mind that I believe I can achieve because of it and have the private practice I wanted to have right from the beginning.Thank you WOW! Weight loss and Lori.~ Kitty Clemens

What if you could rest easy at night knowing that you can pay your bills and invest revenue back into your business? What if you could help hundreds of people achieve optimal health?

What would that feel like for you?

That’s exactly what the WOW! Weight Loss Certification can help you do. I look forward to working with you soon.

one-time paymentEZ payment plan


With the EZ Payment Plan, pay $247 now,
then make 2 monthly payments of $200 each.

P.S. I want to start our relationship off on the right foot. If you have questions we haven’t answered below or would like to know more before enrolling, then just send an email to with your questions and we will either schedule a call with you or just respond to your questions.


Q: What do I need to do to register for the WOW! Certification course?

A: Choose the payment option that works best for you. Click on the One Time Payment  or EZ Payment button and complete your registration details and purchase. Once you’ve done that you will automatically receive an email with your next steps.


Q: What types of practitioners should take the WOW! Certification?

A: The WOW! Certification is open to any alternative wellness practitioner (Nutritionist, Dietitian, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Owner) that has a passion to grow their business through offering a whole foods based weight loss program. It helps if you have nutrition experience, a nutrition certification or diploma.


Q: Is there a deadline to watch the webinars?

A: No. The certification is recorded and provided to you for reference, there is no time deadline. You are free to complete the certification at your own pace. We strongly recommend you complete the certification within 30 days. You also receive the WOW! Weight Loss digital certification manual.


Q: What if I am a new graduate and haven’t worked with clients before?

A: Not to worry. You will be guided through the exact steps you need to take to facilitate your program with clients. You have the option to invest in becoming a licensed WOW! practitioner if you feel like you need that extra support, coaching and motivation.


Q: How do I get clients?

A: The certification course guides you through creating direct marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget. We will work through your marketing plan so that you know exactly what to do and where to go to get clients.


Q: Do you provide personalized meal plans?

A:  No. The WOW! Certification does not provide personalized weight loss plans. You will get the formula to create your own personalized plans and handouts. If you go on to become a licensed WOW! Practitioner you would be entitled to get unlimited personalized plans, weekly handouts, recipes, monthly marketing plans, email marketing templates, social media support and a whole bunch of other benefits.


Q: Is WOW! Weight Loss covered under client’s extended health care insurance?

A: It depends on whether your designation is covered under the client’s extended health insurance plan or benefits plan. It’s always best to have the client check with their own insurance to see if you are covered. If you become a licensed WOW! practitioner we provide Registered Dietitian receipts for your clients to submit to their insurance.


Q: Is the WOW! program based on counting calories?

A: No. What I will teach you is how to create your own meal plans based on food categories and portion sizes. However, we do use calories to create the portion sizes. Ultimately what clients will learn is to self-monitor and eat whole foods that nourish them. Once they get to that level of compliance and awareness they will not need to be counting calories.


Q: What happens if I register for the Certification course and then want to cancel?

A: Not a problem. I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision. You can register today and cancel anytime should you need to within 30 days of completing the course. We even offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.


Q: Do you recommend supplements?

A: We will not be discussing supplements in detail. You are welcome to recommend supplements in your business if you’d like.


Q: What scope of nutritional advice will I be able to offer after I complete the WOW! Certification course if I am not a credentialed nutritionist?

A: Good question. That entirely depends on your professional designation or credentials. We will go over this in details during the certification. If you have questions please feel free to email


Q: Is the WOW! Certification accredited by any professional association or recognized school?

A: Yes. CAHNPro


one-time paymentEZ payment plan


With the EZ Payment Plan, pay $247 now,
then make 2 monthly payments of $200 each.